A Survivor’s Story

Liz Page w_Cantor Gregor Shelkin and Holocaust Survivor.jpg

Liz Page with Gregor Shelkin (center) during the opening ceremony for the New England Holocaust Memorial.

When I interviewed AIDS Walk founder Liz Page for a Giving Back article in this month’s issue, she shared a lot of great stories from her years of experience producing emotionally and spiritually resonant events. But the best one of them all didn’t really fit within my article, plus part of what made it such a good story was how Liz told it — precise and detail-oriented, but also humane and enthusiastic. It seemed best to let her speak for herself, so you’ll find an audio clip below. (Please forgive my gobsmacked interjections during Liz’s story.) Some background: The event Liz is talking about is the opening gala for the New England Holocaust Memorial, which she produced at Boston City Hall in 1995. One of the speakers was cantor Gregor Shelkin, a survivor of the Dachau concentration camp. Take it away, Liz:

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