Walk and Work

DSC00687Last year, I stumbled upon a TED Talks video by Dan Pallotta, which changed the way I think about charity, and led to a CMP Series story in the August issue on rethinking the way organizations view CSR activities. That article led to a Convene Live session at PCMA’s Convening Leaders annual meeting in Boston on Jan. 15, “Do More Good: Rethinking Our Community Service Projects,” moderated by the Vancouver Convention Centre’s Claire Smith, CMP. (A nice way to close this loop: The TED conference will be held next month in Vancouver at the center.)

Today, Dan Pallotta captured my interest again with this post in the Harvard Business Review Blog Network on the value of taking walks — my favorite early-morning, mid-day, or late-evening activity (depending on the season). In the post, he positions walking as not just a way to take a mental break or as a source of exercise, but a way to “dramatically increase productivity.” Pallotta cites the findings from a “2013 study by cognitive psychologist Lorenza Colzato from Leiden University [who] found that people who go for a walk or ride a bike four times a week are able to think more creatively than people who lead a sedentary life. The British Journal of Sports Medicine found that those benefits are independent of mood.” 

Here’s to long walks on warmer days ahead!


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