3D Glasses for Meetings


Imagine sitting down at a console and working with a 3D model of your meeting that shows the exact placement of every chair and table, in a virtual environment that simulates the actual event space down to the color of the carpet and the texture of the walls.  And then  — working with an AV technician — running a kind of meeting dress rehearsal, checking out everything from the lighting to the sight lines to the number and placement of plasma screens.

That’s now possible at Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (MCEC) in a newly launched  “Visualization Studio.” MCEC offers the 3D visualization as a free service, giving clients the ability to  design, create, and view virtual 3D representations of their events  in MCEC spaces. The 3D model can be sent as a media file, so clients don’t have to be at the Melbourne center in person to benefit, said MCEC’s Director of Technology Operations Michael Walsh. The idea to let clients have access to the visualization technology that the MCEC staff uses came from the technicians themselves, Walsh added. “It should really improve the planning process.”

MCEC announced the creation of the studio as part of a rebranding of the center’s  technology services as IMAGINE Services.

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