Vancouver Switches up In-Booth Interviews at IMEX America

In-booth interviews at trade shows are nothing new. With many professionals from the same industry attending certain events, it can be a great opportunity for sponsors and exhibitors to catch up with attendees. Interviewers use a variety of setups right inside their booths, sometimes employing up to three cameras, lighting systems, and background equipment in order to capture high-quality content that can be leveraged online. The only problem with these elaborate arrangements is that they can take up an awful lot of booth space.

in-booth interviews

KiKi L’Italien interviews Jessica Levin in the Vancouver Rocks booth at IMEX America 2013

At IMEX America in Las Vegas this year, Tourism Vancouver streamlined their usual in-booth interviews conducted by KiKi L’Italien, CEO and president of Amplified Growth, Inc., a social-media strategy and online branding advisory firm. In order to maximize space in the Vancouver Rocks booth to leave room for demos and appointments, Vancouver used one computer to manage two cameras — one pointed at L’Italien and one facing the interview subjects. The configuration had the added bonus of capturing some of the background activity on the trade-show floor (check out the EventMobi robotic attendee “Mobi” in the background of the interview with EventMobi CEO Bob Vaez).

Video streaming by Ustream

Vancouver also live broadcasted its nearly 20 in-booth interviews — with people like Event Manager Blog’s Julius Solaris, IMEX’s Miguel Neves, and Jessica Levin of Seven Degrees Communication — via Ustream. “We wanted to have the power to edit and broadcast live, plus Ustream provided us with the ability to use multiple cameras at the same time,” L’Italien recently told Convene. “We established a specific channel for Vancouver’s interviews so we could always go back and reference that and have control over it.”

Most of the in-booth interviews averaged three to four minutes apiece and are still available to view on the Vancouver at IMEX Ustream channel. Vancouver’s strategy is a great example of the ways that content can be captured at live events. “We’re always able to upload videos to YouTube, as well, to enhance our SEO,” L’Italien said, “so we’re excited about the possibilities that still exist with the way we managed our interviews this year!”



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