Create Memories Around Your Brand


With the rise of technology, advertising has become extremely competitive. If you want to gain the attention of the wider public nowadays you really have to do something stand-out. Banner ads, billboards, e-newsletters — some forms of marketing are easier to forget than others. That’s why The Glenlivet whisky brand decided to host a series of live events catered specifically to the interests of their most loyal brand followers.

With the help of Grow Marketing, The Glenlivet will engage with its fans (nicknamed “The Guardians”) through 150 handcrafted national events. From oyster shucking lessons with the Blue Island Oyster Company at a private New York City loft to traditional straight-razor shaves at Dukes Barber in Philadelphia to suit fittings at the historic Hamilton Shirts in Houston, as well as other experiential tasting events, these memorable gatherings are centered on activities that the scotch lovers enjoy and that embody “The Glenlivet lifestyle.”


At every event there is a a scotch tasting and a Brand Ambassador is present to represent the single-malt whisky brand. So far, The Glenlivet has engaged more than 15,000 customers through the live events, not including the millions of impressions the company’s garnered online.

A company can allude to its brand’s message or energy in a photograph or an ad, but only with live events can you actually bring the spirit of your organization to life. Plus, if you put the audience’s wants and needs first when crafting the event, you’re sure to give your attendees memories they’re not going to forget any time soon. (That is, unless they drink too much whiskey.)





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