What a “Lipsologist” Can Tell You About Yourself: Using Entertainment To Get Attendees Talking

Last night I had the privilege of being pampered at a spa party hosted by Tourism Montreal — held on the secluded rooftop of the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa in New York City (a.k.a. paradise). Draped tents and twinkling lights created an elegant backdrop for the evening. We were treated to manicures, collagen masks, relaxing compression massages, and 30-minute facials.

Essentially, I died and went to heaven. In signature Montreal fashion — the “o” in the Tourism Montreal logo is a pair of large, red lips — there was a professional lipsologist present, in charge of “reading” attendees lips.

All you had to do was lather on some lipstick, kiss a piece of white paper twice, and then discover the endless secrets of your soul (almost).

According to the lipstick creases, the lipsologist can tell you things like whether or not you are hard-headed or outgoing, your stress levels, whether you like to take care of people or be taken care of, and if you’re an anxious or calm person.

As you can see, my lips were labeled as the Mother-Goose, Gerbil-Wheel type. My mind is reeling with ideas while I like to act as a caregiver to those around me. “Starbursts” signify spontaneity. The lipsologist even told me that I was the favorite in my family. (Sorry, older sibling.)

While not all of the readings may be accurate, the lipsologist provided endless entertainment that night (particularly when the men began applying lipstick) and ended up sparking conversations among the guests — about what kind of person they were (according to their lip prints), how many “starbursts” they had, if their reading was what they expected, and whether or not they took any of it seriously.

For an intimate, relaxing event, the lipsologist turned out to be the best way to ignite networking and bring everyone even closer. We often think of entertainment as a kind of distraction, but something as unusual as a lipsologist will definitely get people engaged — not to mention, the readings are often great confidence boosters. (My family’s not that big, but still, I’ll take it.)

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